Extreme Tour

The EXTREME ATV Adventure Tour is only an additional 4km trip compared to the FUN ATV Adventure Tour that is a leisurely 28 km. The difficulty level on the extreme tour is significantly higher and you should have some previous experience for this course, or a very healthy sense of adventure. The terrains is rugged and varied and will challenge even experienced riders.

The EXTREME ATV Adventure Tour goes quite a bit further into the hills. The grades are steeper to climb, the boulders get larger, the ruts run deeper, and as you climb higher into the hills you will need to pay close attention to the terrain around you to be able to navigate it successfully. Our guides have a lot of experience and they know the way, be mindful you are following them, while not missing any detail. The views are so gorgeous they can be distracting. Stay focused, we will stop at the best spots, promise. The EXTREME ATV Tour is just that, extreme and it is harder on our quads and bikes. The EXTREME ATV Adventure Tour costs more, and is worth it in spades.

Our EXTREME ATV Adventure Tour is runs at a much quicker pace than the leisurely FUN tour, and is intended for riders with some prior experience riding off road vehicles. If you don’t have prior experience, but do have a car or motorcycle license you may join us if, and only if you really think you are up for this challenge. All driving is conducted off-road, no proof of license needed.

Fun Buggy carts can’t go on the EXTREME ATV Adventure Tour. The hairpin turns, and narrow trails won’t allow the Buggy’s enough room to maneuver safely. The EXTREME tour is both tougher, and more technically challenging to complete when comparing to the FUN tour, it isn’t a race, and safety is our paramount concern. Even though more challenging, if you just follow the instructions of our professional guides you will have no issue completing the tour. Witness the beautiful countryside and see why you always hear them say “Amazing Thailand”. Get off the beaten track and visit the Real Thailand.

All that riding will surely work up an appetite. Immediately following the tour is time to eat. Showers are available for those that wish to get the dust off, otherwise help yourself to a burger with real Beef, or a Chicken patty, or if you prefer a vegetarian option. All burgers are served with boats of French Fries, Salads, and platters of the fresh tropical fruit. All soft drinks will flow freely.

You ready yet?

The EXTREME ATV Adventure Tour awaits you. Slip and slide through the muddy trails, and explore a side of Pattaya very few ever get to experience. Once you complete the EXTREME ATV Adventure Tour you will really feel like you have accomplished something special, we guarantee it.

Itinerary for the EXTREME ATV Adventure Tour ride on the more difficult 32km trail off-road!

  • 10 min - Meet & Greet/ Safety Gear & Brief: 10 minutes.
  • 10 min - Driver’s Ed - Like it was meant to be (practice track) 10 minutes.
  • 120 min - 2 action packed hours of fun. Guides will stop for water and the best photo ops along the way.
  • 40 min - After the ride, chow down on fresh fruit, burgers of all varieties, chicken, beef, and veggie, French Fried potatoes, mixed green salad, and all the soda you can drink.

Tour schedules & Pick-up Times (2 trips daily)

In the Morning: 10.30am - 1.30pm. Pick up from Hotel at 9am - 9.45am and drop off at 2pm - 2.30pm.
In the Afternoon: 2.30pm - 5.30pm. Pick up from Hotel at 1.00pm - 1.45pm and drop off at 6pm - 6.30pm.


3,800 THB Driver for Quad Bike:
1,900 THB Passenger / Child:

All Inclusive Pricing:

Equipment that comes with the rental includes goggles, a helmet, an MX riding shirt, all the fuel, your professional guides, the minibus transportation, showers, refreshments, changing rooms and secured lockers.

Pay in full for your ATV Adventure NOW and receive 10% the total booking value.
Reserve with a Deposit of 20%.

Make a Movie starring YOU!

Make a Movie starring YOU! We are happy to provide you with a GoPro camera mounted on your helmet. Keep the memories of the mud alive and take home 16 GBs of footage from your EXTREME ATV Adventure Tour for only 1,000 THB!