Vip Private Tour

The maximum number of riders on any give ATV Tour will be 10 or less with a professional off-road Guide to lead the way, and a mechanic bringing up the rear. Everyone rides convoy style through the trails and off-road tracks. If you have a larger group and you all want to stay together we will accommodate this. We will add more guides and mechanics to ensure everyone is taken care of. There is no need for the VIP upgrade with large groups. It is designed for smaller groups that want private time or instruction on their adventure. The private VIP option is superb for couples that want some privacy to enjoy the trails, or perhaps a family or small group who would rather stick with those they know.

The main advantage of upgrading to the VIP Adventure tour is the privacy and personal instruction you can get with it. You can design your tour the way you want it. If you want to take your time and add stops to the trek, just tell our guides. Maybe you want a specific photo, or want to spend more time soaking up the natural surroundings.

Another big advantage is working on your skills as a rider. If you want some extra tips, or help navigating some of the more difficult sections the VIP tour is the way to go. The guides love to show everyone how to improve off-road. Then there are the SPEED DEMONS. Maybe you want no breaks. Maybe you want to scream through the more difficult EXTREME track as fast as you can get through it. Whatever you want, the VIP Tour upgrade is available for you to have the experience you want. From a romantic getaway, to an EXTREME adrenaline rush, we got you covered.

Your group can upgrade either the EXTREME or FUN tours to VIP status for privacy for only 3,000 THB per group. This surcharge is split evenly among all riders, it is not charged individually.