Enduro Tours Pattaya Thailand

Enduro Madness - Epic Dirt Bike Guided Tours through the jungles east of Pattaya, Thailand!

Where you find quads and ATVs you find dirt bikes. It’s the law of nature of something. Enduro Madness is the sister company of ATV Adventures in Pattaya. They have the dirt in common but that is where the similarities stop. Enduro-Madness is strictly 2 wheeled bikes. These guided tours are custom, and ideal for all level of riders. Whether you are a newbie who has never ridden before, or a seasoned pro looking to test your skills there is a tour waiting for you.

The Enduro Madness tours have garnered a well earned reputation worldwide for being an adrenaline pumping good time. These holiday adventures can last up to 12 days, but, our most popular ones are the ½ day and full day tours. These regular tours will be broken up into groups by skill level. We cater to 4 levels of skill, from beginner never been on a bike, to expert. Details to follow:

Level 1 - Beginner: Never ridden before? Ridden a long time ago? Maybe you have ridden a few times but you are not ready for the next level. This is for you. You will be taught how to ride the dirt bike competently within an hour typically. Then, some basic skills training prior to setting off on your very own adventure.

Level 2 - Novice: The novice rider has ridden more than the beginner, but for less than 50 days of off road experience. Yes you can ride a motorcycle, perhaps for years on the road, however, doin it in the dirt is not the same. To advance to “Experienced” you have to put in the time.

Level 3 - Experienced: You know how to ride. You have put in over 50 days of riding Enduro and your skills are ready to be challenged. Hone your technical skills to handle a single track with confidence, and own the steep ruts and hills at high speed. Get your heart pumping up into the hills.

Level 4 - Expert: You can handle anything our championship guides throw at you, and you will follow them to the ends of the earth for that next hill. This will be an extreme adventure that will put your skills to the test, and blow you away. Experience the granite boulder trails that very few ever get to see. Understand why they call it “Amazing Thailand”.

The fleet of bikes belonging to Enduro Madness is over 30 strong and has numerous sizes and brands. There is sure to be a bike that fits your body style, height, weight etc. There are a number of smaller bikes by Kawasaki, starting at 125 cc, to 140 and 150 all the way to 250 cc. We have several Honda models starting at 250 cc and 300, as well as a Husqvarna TE 300, and the big mama KTM a full 450 cubic centimeters of engine. Everyone will be kitted up in name brand quality riding gear. The guides will quickly get to know the abilities of everyone in the group and every tours route will be tailored on the fly to match the abilities of the group. There near endless possibilities when heading out from Pattaya. Day tours can go as far as Ban Chang, or out to Silver Lake, The Buddha Mountain on the way to Sattahip or elsewhere depending on skills and desires. Everyone is after the same goal, Enduro Madness.

The half day tour consists of 3 adrenaline packed hours a meal served after and is only 3,800 THB per person. Or choose the Full Day, and pay only 5,800 THB - pay in full and receive 10% off NOW.

All Inclusive:

  • Transportation from your Pattaya hotel
  • Champion Tour Guides mad about Enduro
  • Dirt Bikes by Honda, or Kawasaki and all the fuel
  • Safety gear from head to toe
  • Tropical fruit from the surrounding farms, free flow soda, meal afterward with choice of burger (chicken, beef, veg) fries, and salad. The all day tour will make a pit stop at a Thai restaurant for lunch.
  • Complimentary beer post tour (all day)
  • Changing Facilities complete with lockers, towels provided, showers and toilets.

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