Extreme Team Building In Pattaya

Coming together, sharing together, working together, succeeding together.

Nothing quite says team building like surviving in the jungle, and that is exactly the type of unique experience being offered for corporate groups at ATV Adventures. Level the playing field across departments, smash the difference in pay gaps, and forget any differences of opinion. In the jungle, you will need to cooperate and work together. Sharing this type of group experience will help teams with bonding, teamwork, interpersonal skills, trust, camaraderie, and accomplishment. Whether you are just beginning your corporate team building program, or you are looking to take your team to the next level their is a perfect tour for your group goals.

Whether your team selects the FUN version or the Ultimate tour option communication will be key. Everyone has to work together to navigate around, over or through different obstacles. Whilst your employees are up to their knees in mud they will be building unbreakable bonds with one another, and learning to rely on each other in stressful situations in a way that can’t be taught or trained any other way. Through teamwork they will be forging a common experience that will help on the trail and follow back to the office.

We have all been to or heard about those awkward team building events where everyone stands around and noone really quite knows what to do or what is expected. The Jungle Adventure Team Tour is anything but ordinary. First off, everyone is sure to have fun. Who doesn’t like to play in the dirt?

Ironically, even though we just called it playing in the dirt, this type of event is not child's play, and will not resemble any of the lame games you sometimes get stuck with when everyone is out of ideas but the team building event must go on. Instead, with a Jungle Team Adventure your team will work up an appetite on the trail, and return thirsty, hungry, and then they will all get to share a meal of burgers, tropical fruit and all the sides and sodas you can put away. Employees who may have never spoken before will be swapping adventure stories and they will forever have something in common from this day on. This can be especially valuable in work environments that are multilingual. The trail will transcend traditional language barriers.

Whether your company is hiring new staff, or has designed programs for essential “retreats” to help boost the morale of employees. The ATV Team Adventure Tour will benefit your organization. This tour will inject morale into even a team who is feeling blue. Energize your team with a day out. The production you get back from it will pay for itself almost immediately.

Sometimes the best results come from the outings where the rider and the passenger have to work together. When not everyone can just go their own way it changes things. During the tour there will be 3 stops for photos and refreshments. At these stops all drivers and passengers will switch positions and partners. This way the maximum number of people will work together, and everyone will play every role. The diversity of levelling the playing field is essential in breaking down barriers to build the bonds that are needed in true team work. We are experts at facilitating this.

When the tour is over there are lockers and showers available for freshening up, and then all can enjoy the Barbecue, and the Thai feast served in the traditional Thai Sala Garden. On the grill will be beef, chicken and vegetarian burgers, and will come with French Fries, fresh tropical fruit and of course salad.

Groups of up to 50 are welcome. We have 25 quads, for up to 50 riders and passengers. Everyone will switch positions 3 times along the tour or more.

The only decision left is how hard to challenge your team? Fun Tour or Ultimate? What challenge are they up for? Book your track now.