Party Tour

Coming together, sharing together, working together, succeeding together.

Are you the type that celebrates their birthday month, instead of the date? Do you like to party hard like a Pattaya local? Are you planning your boys bachelor party? Or maybe putting together a birthday party for your best friend? Something different. Adrenaline pumping, muddy, and wet? No, it’s not mud wrestling at the local Go Go bar. ATV Adventure Tours has Party Tours in the jungle just east of Pattaya. That’s right, get down and dirty with us, slipping and sliding in the mud for your next group party. After working up that appetite return to base camp and feast in the traditional Thai Sala Garden

Want a different party plan? This is exactly what we are offering at the Jungle Adventure Party Tour at the only true ATV off-road tour company in Pattaya.

Our Party Planners are waiting for your call. These are our favorite bookings because everyone has a blast getting muddy together. Contact us now and let us design a custom tour for your group. We are Pattaya, we know how to have a good time. Let this adventure be like no other, off the beaten track.

The ATV Adventure Party is capped at 50 people. We have 25 Quads for your enjoyment so 25 drivers and 25 passengers. No you can’t ride 3 to a quad even though we are in Thailand. Riders can switch spots as often or as little as they wish at any of the pit stops on the tour.

You have an important Group Decision to make now. FUN tour vs. EXTREME? Which tour is your group ready to handle? Are you going for FUN in the sun, or are you looking to challenge everyone? Tell us and we’ll make your ATV Adventure happen.

Party People Promotion 15% Discount if your group qualifies:

Good news for large Groups, any group with a dozen or more ATV Riders will get 15% off the total cost of the tour, including all upgrades like the feast outlined below.

Extra Bonuses for the Party People Promotion - We do want you bragging to everyone about how rad this was.

  • 3 members will have GoPro HD Cameras mounted to their helmets. The video footage will be given to the group  on SD cards included for free.
  • Every rider gets a photo from the action photographer
  • Every rider will be given a special shirt for ATV Adventures Pattaya

All parties come with the complimentary after tour burgers, with side salad, tropical fruit and fries, or you can choose to upgrade to a full on Country Barbecue combining the best Western Barbecue options with a fabulous authentic Thai buffet. The location is a traditional Thai Garden Sala. Served for only an additional 250 THB per person guests will enjoy the following menu:

Whether your company is hiring new staff, or has designed programs for essential “retreats” to help boost the morale of employees. The ATV Team Adventure Tour will benefit your organization. This tour will inject morale into even a team who is feeling blue. Energize your team with a day out. The production you get back from it will pay for itself almost immediately.

Sometimes the best results come from the outings where the rider and the passenger have to work together. When not everyone can just go their own way it changes things. During the tour there will be 3 stops for photos and refreshments. At these stops all drivers and passengers will switch positions and partners. This way the maximum number of people will work together, and everyone will play every role. The diversity of levelling the playing field is essential in breaking down barriers to build the bonds that are needed in true team work. We are experts at facilitating this.


  • Smokehouse Texas Ribs - Pork
  • Marinated Wings - Chicken
  • Burgers - Beef
  • Teriyaki - Pork Chops
  • Tossed Salad
  • Mac Salad with Sweet Corn, Tuna, & Mayo
  • Fresh Baked Rolls with real butter

Thai Buffet:

  • Fried Rice - Egg
  • Sweet Green Curry - Chicken
  • Tom Yum Talay - Seafood with shrimp and sea bass served in a spicy soup