What’s an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

The ATV AKA Quad Runner, or Quad Bike the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a 4 wheeled “bike” built for off road. The tires have low pressure, making them ideal for traversing various types of terrain, from rocks, to sand pits, to mud and clay. The seat of the ATV is like one on a motorbike, and the handlebars are also very similar. There are both hand and foot brakes and one hande will make the ATV accelerate. Ours all have automatic transmissions, making them a cinch to drive even with no prior experience.

What is the Dress Code, and What should I pack?

Your clothes will get dirty, keep this in mind! You need to have on sturdy shoes with a closed toe. No flip-flops, thongs, sandals, etc.! We are in the tropics, don’t forget the sunblock. After the tour, your clothes will be dirty, and may be wet. If you want to change after, bring new clothes and you can store in the locker room, and change there, yes there are showers too! If you don’t have the right gear, or forget, there are options to purchase in our store, we have you covered!

What Safety Gear is Included in the Tour?

We will give you an MX riding shirt to wear, a helmet, pairs of both gloves and goggles, and a dust mask.

Is a Driver’s License Required to Ride?

Technically to drive legally on the roads you would, but we are off-road, so you do not need a license to drive an ATV on the tour.

What are the Minimum Ages for either a Driver or a Passenger?

Although a license is not required to drive, we do require all drivers be at least 15 years of age, and passengers must be a minimum of five years young.

Are any PIctures Included on the Tour or Video?

Everyone will have their photo taken with an option to buy, and there are also Gopro Cameras available for 1000 THB ea and includes an SD memory card with footage.

Is Hotel Transfer also Included?

Yes! Hotel Transfer Service is included from Pattaya and Jomtien. In fact the tour is all inclusive. The idea is to pay one thing, and get it all!

Can you Provide Transport from Bangkok to my ATV Adventure

We are happy to coordinate transport from Bangkok. The Van is only 2500 THB and holds up to 12 passengers. The drive takes about an hour and forty five minutes each direction, depending on traffic.

Are there any Tours available that are more or less than the 2 Hour ones?

No, we have found that the optimum time is about 2 hours. We’ve been operating tours locally since 2006 and feel 2 hours is the sweet spot.

What if it Rains?

Congratulations! You just got an added bonus for no extra fee. Your tour has been upgraded to a mud fest, and you now have a very good chance of seeing a waterfall.

When is the Greatest Time to Take the ATV Adventure Tour.

This is Thailand. We have year round great weather. The ride is spectacular all year, however it will be different. During the dry season you won’t get to navigate any water obstacles, no sliding in the mud etc. It will be dry and dusty. You will be able to climb higher in the mountains though, and the views are unrivalled during the dry season because of this. During the rainy season there are more obstacles, more challenges and less sliding. Some of the trails disappear into boggy marshes and there is a 40 foot waterfall that comes out with enough rain.

Is a Deposit Required for Online Bookings?

Yes, a deposit is required prior to booking online. No exceptions. If you can’t make a deposit online to reserve your space, then simply contact us after you arrive in Pattaya and you can join standby. Our phone number is 080-560-8811 and if there is any free spaces available on the days you wish to tour a staff member will pick up a cash deposit from you.

Any Discounts Available?

We have two discounts available. First, is pre-pay 10%. If you book your tour online and pay in full at the time of booking you will be given 10% off the total of the tour.

There is also a Group Discount available for groups of 12 or more. The Group Tour Page has more details on the pricing and breakdown for groups. Please do not attempt to negotiate. Our costs are fixed, and where we can we will pass on some savings. Negotiating won’t help your case. Thanks in advance.

Can we pay with a Credit Card for the Tour if we don’t Prepay online?

No, you may pay online via credit card at the time of booking, or you may pay 10% to reserve your space and the balance is due in cash. We can’t process credit card payments on site.

Do I need Prior Riding Experience On Either an ATV or Buggy?

The FUN Tour does not require any prior riding or knowledge of ATVs or buggies. These machines are incredibly simple and you will be able to master them within 10 minutes on our practice track for the FUN Tour. For the Extreme Tour you will need to have at least some prior knowledge and experience.

How Much is the Tour ?

It depends on the tour. See the tour pages you are interested in and all pricing is clearly marked.

Did ATV Adventures Pattaya once operate as ATV Tours Pattaya Jungle Adventures?

Yes, from 2006 - 2017. Then in 2017 we streamlined our tour, and our brand.

What Time are you Open and Closed?

Base Camp is open daily from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm, but tour times are set in stone. Please do not just show up and expect to ride. The shop is open, and we can muster up a burger, but bookings are essential to go on the tour. Same day bookings are possible. Please call first.

Who is responsible if there is an accident resulting in damage to the ATV?

Although rare, accidents can and do occur. Mostly when instructions are ignored. Please listen to the guides! You will have a full safety briefing and time on the practice track. If you do happen to damage a part of your ATV while on the ride you will be 100% responsible for the part that needs replacing. ATV’s are imported from the USA and are Polaris brand. Parts will be paid at the listed price on the official Polaris website. If there is a mechanical failure or something outside of your control there will be no charge. Also if a breakdown occurs you will be given the support guides ATV and the tour will go on.

Why is there a charge for Damage, why not include it?

Very few people damage the ATVs. When they are damaged they are expensive to replace. We can’t triple the tour price to cover a few people that ignore us. No One would book tours, and we would have no more adventures in the jungle. Also, if we included the damage, that would encourage too many people to drive it like they stole it, and we just can’t be having that. Nope! You break it, you buy it! Period.

What’s the Policy to Cancel?

  • When booking a tour a minimum deposit of 20% is required.
  • Cancellations that are 14 or more days before the original date will be charged an admin fee of 50% of the total deposit or 10% of the cost of the tour. Customer may then choose to receive the balance back as a refund, or to apply it toward another date.
  • All deposits are forfeited for any cancellations 2 - 13 days prior to the scheduled tour date, if the tour was pre-paid then 80% of the balance will be issued as a refund.
  • Cancellations less than 48 hours in advance, or no call no show tours will receive no refunds.
  • If We cancel your tour for any reason, a full refund will be given.

Where is your Location?

We’re about 20 minutes outside of Pattaya on the east side. Our Google Map link is below.
Google Maps

Can you Give me Directions?

From Pattaya:
Enter the 7 Motorway from Sukhumvit Road
Go 8.7 km to the tunr for Hwy 36
Exit Hwy 7 to Hwy 36 - signs marked Rayong
Proceed 2 km on Hwy 36 (or the 2nd u turn after you get on the road)
From the U-turn exit immediately where the bridge is.
This is Road 3240 stay on it and go 1.6 km til you see the sign for Benwadee Resort where you turn left and go another 1km.
Arrive at ATV Adventures Pattaya sign, turn left 100 meters and you have arrived at base.

From Bangkok:
Head toward Pattaya on Hwy 7.
About 9 km before Sukhumvit Road exit to Hwy 36
Exit Hwy 7 to Hwy 36 - signs marked Rayong
Proceed 2 km on Hwy 36 (or the 2nd u turn after you get on the road)
From the U-turn exit immediately where the bridge is.
This is Road 3240 stay on it and go 1.6 km til you see the sign for Benwadee Resort where you turn left and go another 1km.
Arrive at ATV Adventures Pattaya sign, turn left 100 meters and you have arrived at base.