Our Facilities

ATV Adventures Pattaya has a full 10,000 square meter plot complete with base camp and kilometers of off-road tracks that the Fun tour and the EXTREME Adventure Tours leave from. There are 48 private lockers, five rooms for changing, five restrooms, and ten showers. The authentic Thai Sala Garden is comfortable for seating up to 60 guests. The Sala Garden is where the post tour meal is served and includes your choice of chicken, beef, or vegetarian burger, fries, salad, and fresh tropical fruit that is in season, oh and of course all your can drink soda pop and water. Large groups will use this area for the Western Bonanza Barbecue and Thai buffet.

The track for practicing is 700 m and is set up to prepare new riders for the challenges of the trail ahead. The track winds through the banana trees, and riders will encounter a real coconut log ramp, sections that are rocky, and others that are muddy and wet and require a bit of a jump. The track is a total blast to mess about in, but nothing compared to what awaits in the wild jungle just off the beaten path. Enough with the practice track, let’s get riding.

No basecamp can be complete without mechanics headquarters. ATV Adventures has three complete workshops that each cater to different areas to keep the fleet of quads maintained. Each workshop has a corresponding storage unit with the spare parts needed to keep the bikes maintained to the specifications recommended by Polaris or better. These ATVs take a beating, and the mechanics make sure they are sound and ready for the next adventure. Without them the fleet would not function. The mechanics are a key ingredient of our recipe for success. We have had great mechanics on the team since opening in 2006. The English speaking guides get the superstar praise, but they share the tips with the entire team. They know they are supported by an army of mechanics, and of course the cleaning crew and the girls in reception who book all the tours. We all rise and we all shine together at ATV Adventures Pattaya, and it is due to the people.

Switching gears, ATV Adventure Tours has a sister adventure company called Enduro-Madness. There are two additional workshops dedicated to the Enduro bikes each with their own storage units for parts. The Enduro Tours range from ½ day to twelve day Enduro Madness Holiday extravaganzas. Beginners are invited to learn everything about riding from scratch at Enduro Madness. If you have ever wanted to learn to ride a dirt bike Enduro Madness is the ticket. There are expert instructors looking to teach newbies the basics, or to take your riding to the next level if you have some experience.

At the back of the workshops is the cleaning area. The dirt flying around this place is mental, so the cleaners attack everything daily. There is also a large covered parking area for guests that arrive on their own. ATV Adventure Tours is popular with both tourists, and locals. We take pride in having everything in place to make every detail perfect for your next Off Road Adventure Tour.